Click an arrow to change the score and period.  Automatically add teams and hashtags.  #verycool

Beam a Board
Text is boring.  Use Scorebeam to set up a graphic scoreboard for any game.

Report from any game.  In real-time.

Scorebeam is the first mobile sports reporting system.

Editorially Tailored
Assign privileges for who can submit scores, comment and set up games.  Curate the best content.

Verify Your Sources
Get live scores from any fan, anywhere.  Choose who can verify scores as "final".

Your Fans.  Your Brand.  
Embed Scorebeam reports on your site.  Build traffic and interaction with fans.  

Home or Away
Scorebeam works with any smartphone or computer.  Use it in the stands, on the road, at home or your office.  

Hard Data.  Easy to Get.
Collecting scores by phone, e-mail, and text is difficult and costly.  Scorebeam makes it easy.

New or Returning Users:


Integrated with Twitter.  Embedded in your site. 

Prefer the phone?  

Give us a call at  508-657-4347.

We'd love to hear from you. 

Scorebeam is a service of Quick Catch Labs, LLC, a Massachusetts-based company with deep roots in the media business. 

Some of
our clients:

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Check out our Q&A video app called AnswerStage

If you're interested in purchasing the domain name, Twitter account, YouTube Channel and Facebook page, send an email to

For posterity's sake, here's more info about the Scorebeam service and the partnerships that we formed with media companies. 

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